Homeopathy - natural medicine for you and your family

Hello, I'm Gerti. 

You have found my website, and you have decided that you want to improve your health.

Maybe you have been suffering for a while with a chronic condition like arthritis, migraines, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, IBS or colitis, chronic fatigue or an allergy.

Or maybe right now you have an acute problem like a cold or flu, sciatica, digestive trouble, an ear or throat infection, or any kind of injury, and you want to avoid having to take antibiotics, painkillers or anti-inflammatories.

On this website you will find information about homeopathy and how it may help you with your specific complaint. You will find out a bit about me, so that you can see whether you might want to work with me. And you can read about homeopathic consultations and treatment, what it involves and what you can expect. 

I hope you will enjoy having a look around.

And here is why I love and practise Homeopathy:

  •  Homeopathy is a wonderful way back to health. It is an important part of integrated healthcare. For true well-being, we need the best care from every discipline.
  • Homeopathy is natural, gentle, highly effective and non-addictive, so it is suitable for everybody, even for pregnant women and newborn babies.
  • It's your body and your health. To take responsibility for your own health and to take an active part in getting well is empowering. When you embark on that journey you will learn to listen to your body and to understand what you need to be truly healthy.
  • I firmly believe that there is the potential for health in everybody and that this potential can be nurtured and encouraged, for the best possible individual outcome.
​I offer consultations in my clinic for my local clients, but also online appointments for clients anywhere in the world.
I work weekdays and some Saturdays.
Here is your first step on your journey to health:
FREE 15 minute information call, where you can find out more and ask me questions. The decision to then book an appointment is entirely yours.
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Gerti Magee
Registered Homeopath
Co. Galway
Tel. 091 788360