During the homeopathic consultation I take time to listen carefully to everything you have to say. I try and understand the causes of your illness, thereby treating not just your symptoms but also addressing the root of the problem.

I will ask you many questions, for example how your symptoms affect you, about your general health, your reaction to environmental factors like temperature and weather, the kinds of food you like or dislike, your moods and feelings - all these will help to establish a complete picture of you as a person. On the basis of this picture I can then select the appropriate remedy for you.

The initial consultation will last about 1.5 hours, follow-up consultations are usually shorter.

What to expect after the first consultation

Like any health treatment, homeopathic treatment is a process. Follow-up appointments are really important because they will help me to assess your response to the remedies and guide you through the healing process. Initially, follow-up appointments will be given about 1 month apart, with bigger intervals as improvement is seen.  How many appointments you will need depends on your illness or condition. Naturally, ailments that have persisted for a long time will take longer to resolve than recent ailments, which tend to resolve more quickly. 

However, you should begin to see an improvement between your first and second appointment. Some effect of the first prescription is often felt within days.

As your homeopath I want to support you during times of illness or crisis until you have reached a state of well-being again. With homeopathy you should experience an increased sense of freedom!

Homeopathy is a wonderful companion for all situations and all phases of life. I feel privileged to be part of your healing journey.


I am always available on the phone for questions about your treatment, there is no extra charge for this. I want you to feel free to ring me if you have a concern.

Online consultations are also available.