Homeopathy for Women

Homeopathy is well suited to addressing a whole range of women's health problems - at the time of puberty, during pregnancy, childbirth,  the post-natal period and breast-feeding. It can also be a tremendous support during the transition time of menopause.

It is an effective natural way to treat period problems, PMT, fertility problems and hormonal imbalance.   


Period Problems
These can include painful periods, delayed onset of puberty, absent or heavy periods, irregular cycles with periods too far apart, sometimes making conception difficult. Homeopathy can help establish a natural rhythm and cycle again after the birth control pill for example, or after miscarriage or childbirth.



Premenstrual tension (PMT)

 Some women suffer every month from the effects of PMT. They might feel moody, unbalanced or downright miserable. In addition they might suffer uncomfortable physical symptoms like bloating, breast tenderness or craving for sweets. Homeopathic treatment can help greatly in alleviating the symptoms of PMT by helping to balance the hormones.



 The menopause is the change of life that signals the end of your childbearing years. It is also a time of profound transformation on all levels. Your natural hormone balance is a finely-tuned rhythm of various hormones which changes significantly during menopause. Many women sail through their menopausal years quite symptom-free, while others experience troublesome symptoms for  years. Well-known symptoms like hot flushes, palpitations, excessive bleeding and depression all usually respond well to homeopathic treatment.



 There are effective remedies to help a woman overcome the after-effects of miscarriage which may include excessive bleeding, insomnia, exhaustion and low spirits or depression. And indeed, if there is a danger of miscarriage, homeopathy may help avert it.


Natural fertility treatment

 Infertility can occur for a wide variety of reasons: psychological, from infection, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, irregularity of menstrual cycle etc.

Homeopathic treatment over a number of months may help you resolve these issues successfully. It can be a natural alternative to IVF, without the associated side effects, and is always worth trying first.



Women's emotional complaints

 Homeopathy is a wonderful natural treatment to help women shift emotional patterns like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, prolonged grief, low self-confidence or insomnia.

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