Homeopathy for Women's Health

Homeopathy can address a whole range of women's health problems - at the time of puberty, during pregnancy, childbirth,  the post-natal period and breast-feeding. It is also a tremendous support during the transition time of menopause.

It is an effective natural way to treat period problems, PMS, fertility problems and hormonal imbalance.   


Period Problems

Alice was 15 and suffered once a month from painful cramps, for which she needed to take painkillers to get some comfort. Her individual remedy helped to soothe the cramps, and two or three periods later she felt she was practically pain-free.

Women also seek help for heavy or irregular periods, some have difficulty establishing a natural rhythm and cycle again after contraception, after miscarriage or childbirth.

Young girls whose first period seems unduly delayed can be helped by homeopathy, too, as a healthy hormonal balance is established.



Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Cindy suffered every month from the effects of PMS. She felt moody, unbalanced and sometimes downright miserable. In addition she experienced uncomfortable physical symptoms like bloating and breast tenderness, and she craved sweets! A couple of months into her treatment Cindy's mood before her periods had improved. Her breasts were still a bit tender but the bloating had vanished, along with her huge desire for sweets.



The menopause is a time of profound transformation on all levels. Your natural hormone balance is a finely-tuned rhythm of various hormones which changes significantly during menopause. Many women sail through their menopausal years quite symptom-free, while others experience troublesome symptoms for years.

Marie began to experience hot flushes, first at night, then increasingly during the day. At one stage they became so intense that she started feeling quite depressed and avoided going out because of the discomfort and embarrassment they caused her. She did not really want to use HRT. Thankfully, her homeopathic remedy brought her considerable relief from the flushes and she reported that her mood was a lot more positive again.



Emma had a miscarriage in the 4th month of her pregnancy. She experienced longer than usual bleeding in the aftermath, felt exhausted and found it hard to sleep at night. She also felt generally low in spirits. The remedy she was prescribed stopped the bleeding and helped her over the next few weeks to come to terms with what had happened, as well as to get a better night's sleep again.

PS: in the case of threatening miscarriage, homeopathy can often help avert it.


Natural fertility treatment

Infertility can occur for a wide variety of reasons: psychological, from infection, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, irregularity of menstrual cycle etc.

Homeopathic treatment over a number of months may help you resolve these issues successfully. It can be a natural alternative to IVF, without the associated side effects, and is always worth trying first.

Kathy, for example, had a period only 2-3 times a year. She and her partner were trying for a baby, but naturally the chances to conceive were a lot lower for Kathy. After her individual remedy her periods normalised, and eight months later she rang excitedly to say that she was pregnant!

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