Here's what people have said:

I went to Gerti as I was desperate to try to cure my Urticaria which I had developed about a year after my father died. I had also experienced a trauma which I had definitely not dealt with.  I knew that the Urticaria was a result of the trauma I'd experienced as confirmed by my GP. I was not keen on going down the route of relying on very strong antihistamines as I knew they did not deal with the underlying symptoms... Gerti was incredibly sensitive, kind and empathetic in her approach. Her methods connect the dots and you start to make sense of why you feel as you do.  The treatment had a dramatic effect on both my emotional and physical well-being. I'm delighted to say that I have not had any symptoms of Urticaria and my general health has improved greatly since. I feel much happier in myself and have never felt better.


Homeopathy helped me a lot after my heart surgery. I recovered very well and in a relatively short time. A few years on, I am still receiving remedies from Gerti every so often, to keep me and my heart as healthy as possible!


“I really enjoyed speaking to Gerti as she has a lovely presence about her and really listens to what’s being said, this is invaluable.

The homeopathy remedy worked for me over a period of time and it was very interesting to see the changes that were taking place on my skin rash after two years of constancy."


I have attended Gerti for Homeopathic treatment on a number of occasions and have always found the care and attention to detail to be exceptional. I have had empathetic, professional  help with digestive issues, sleep disturbance and coping with grief, among other issues. Gerti is a kind, generous, supportive and experienced therapist with whom my family and I have had excellent experience.


I was delighted with our experience with Gertie. I brought my little boy with an ongoing cough. Gertie was so patient, kind and thorough during her time with us. She chose the perfect remedy and my little boy's cough cleared up completely. Also, he stopped having bad dreams too after taking the remedy. I would highly recommend Gertie. 


I have been to visit Gerti's  clinic on a number of occasions and have always left with a great sense of clarity and reassurance. She is knowledgeable and an excellent listener which I felt was very important to me as she helped me cope with mental blocks and issues concerning sleep, anxiety and emotional stability. Gerti is very generous and my family and I have had a great experience with her support; it is clear that she is experienced and can listen to and understand people of any age.


I rang Gerti and said"But that's not possible, is it?" I had been having awful night sweats during menopause which kept waking me up, so in the morning I never felt really rested. After two months of Gerti's treatment the sweats were gone! Menopause is now safely behind me and I can honestly say the problem never returned!